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Roy Hardinge, copyright 2018                                           


V1    You’ve had a tough life, that you’ve been carryin’ ‘round

You’ve seen some things that I don’t want to think about

You can’t forget those things, they just get in the way

And in reality they’re with you every day


Chorus1   You’re not what you were back when

That person’s gone and you can’t make him come alive

You’re just livin’ with those lies

I can see it in your eyes


V2    It hits me now and then how alone a man can be

…a trail of tears through all his years, constantly

Then again, I find there’s power in our love

and even more so, with guidance from above.




Bridge      The old man sits in his torn lawn chair,

listening to the radio

Night after night it’s the same lawn chair,

        no place he’d rather go.

Too late now, so many regrets…

        What more is there to lose?

Cigarettes, and cans of beer…

        the company he’ll choose…


V3    Put all my sorrows into many a tiny space

You’ll find as many a space as wrinkles on my face

I’ve had my dreams, with hope they’d finalize

Not one of them’s come true, time’s vision has closed eyes


Chorus2   I’m not what I was back when

That person’s gone and I can’t make him come alive

I’m just livin’ with those lies

You can see it in my eyes