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Long Past Time

(Roy Hardinge, copyright 2018)


Guitar intro


V1      Hey! It’s plain what you’ve been thinkin’

          Dragging on from day to day

I Don’t seem fair the way things happen.

Pass the time by anyway.


½ Guitar intro


V2      You call me up and ruin my slumber.

Seems I just can’t get away.

Makes me want to change my number.

Searchin’ for a better day.



Long past time

Long past time

Long past time

Long past time for leaving you.


V3      You don’t care the pain you cause me --

hiding in false innocence.

You’ve taken all that you can from me.

It’s hard to recall times less tense.





I can’t control my world…

          It’s spinnin’ out of my hands…  

I can’t control my world…


Guitar intro/solo


V4      (Repeat V1)