1. The Gift

From the recording The Gift

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The Gift (12/31/17)
Music and Lyrics by Roy Hardinge, Copyright 2018

Ups and Downs throughout the years,
with times of joy and trails of tears…
But each year end anticipates
the Gift of Christmas!

Family visits and joys they bring!
A Christmas feast fit for a king!
But they all pale when to compared
the Gift of Christmas!

Desperate shoppers, cranky children, ahhhhhhh
(make me crazy)
Christmas Carols, cozy evenings ahhhhhhh

Faith in things we cannot see.
We hope for things we hope will be.
But love’s the greatest of the three!
the Gift of Christmas!


A lonely tree on Calvary…
He gave is life for you and me.
The Son of God, a human babe!
The Gift of Christmas! (X3)