From the recording The Man in the Road

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Far Away From Me
Roy Hardinge ad Dan Strohm -- Began sometime in the past…far away. Documented Jan ‘04, Copyright 2018

I can see you sound asleep,
In your hiding place
Soon they’ll come take you away
Far way from me

All along you’re challenge sings
Stealing faith from some
Persevering ‘till the end
Knowing it will come

As the black of night is closing in
And Dawn still hides her face
You seem to be right next to me
Your presence out of place (….without a trace..)

Maybe you just look too hard
You can’t even see
You won’t be inside my dreams
When you’re far away from me

Bridge of yeahhhhhs

When I hear you sneaking up
I won’t run away
There is nothing I can do
To avoid that day

There’s no pretending now or then
I have advice to give
When the time comes to face you off
I will choose to live!

“Far away from me” (3x)