1. Worry

From the recording The Man in the Road

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Worry(08/10/16), Roy Hardinge, copyright 2018

Chorus1   Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah, etc.

Chorus 2  I’m worried…

2:10am alone in bed
You hear the knock inside your head
You know a dream from something more
They won’t be knockin’ at your door

Ma and pa come home dog tired
Workin hard to keep from being fired
They had a dream for something more
Now they don’t know just what they’re workin for...

Too many people thinkin, “me”…
That ain’t the way that things used to be
There was a dream for something more
You watched that dream slowly walk out the door...

I was worried that I had to write this song
I was worried that I’d get it wrong
I was worried get it done in time
I was worried that it wouldn’t rhyme