From the recording The Man in the Road

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Opus 2, No. 3 Too Late,
(Roy Hardinge, copyright 2018) 

You can sense that something’s wrong
You’ve been dreamin for too long…

Chorus:    Toooooo late!  Toooooo late!

Livin like there,        won’t be another day
Livin like that,           can take your breath away
Waking one day,      to face reality
Time to pay up,        there’s no more livin free!

Workin so hard,       to be a big success
Workin so hard,       you made your life a mess
Hopin that soon,     there’ll be a better way
Wake up to find,      you worked your life away!


Man on the street, he got no place to go
Walkin the street,   he never been so low
Wherever he look,  all of the signs say, “NO”
Out of the hole,       will take a miracle!

Tryin to not,              be too political
Difficult not,              to be too critical
Chaotic storm,          causing divisiveness
Promise of more,     is now becoming less!

Don’t give up! Find a way. You’ve been dreamin for too long…


Usin it up,                   usin it everyday
usin it up,                             just got some yesterday
usin it up,                             usin it everyday
Usin it up,                   no way to break away!


Pretending to be,              someone you couldn’t be
Voice in your head,           sounds like apology
In trouble again,                looking for alibi
Where are you now,        BIG TOUGH GUY?

Double Bridge

Double Chorus