From the recording The Man in the Road

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Cortlandt Jones
Roy Hardinge   11-15-16, copyright 2018

Well Everyone in Goodtimes knows his name
And everyone in Goodtimes knows his game.
He’ll dance, he’ll strut, he’ll wiggle booty
‘cause he thinks that it’s his duty.
Everybody loves him, just the same!

He’s been doin’ what he does for years.
He makes you laugh so hard he brings on tears.  
He does it right – he keeps his step,
And each time is better yet.
Every time he does it ends with cheers!

Goodtimes, Cortlandt Jones…(seven times)

(Repeat Verse 1, interrupt Cortlandt’s slumber….)

Cortlandt…Cortlandt… CORTLANDT!!!
It’s 2am
You were dreaming…
Now quit your screaming and singing and GO BACK TO SLEEP!!!