1. Fourteen Days

From the recording Outlaw with no Name

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Fourteen Days 
(Roy Hardinge, copyright 2015)

I was courtin’ with my lady
and Lord!  What a glorious day!
She was my only, one and true love.
We’d been betrothed for 14 days.

We were strolling along the concourse
when the news came into town.
April 12th, fire on Fort Sumter
and the war was goin’ down.

Country divided, brother ‘gainst brother
Couldn’t be no other way.
I was drafted to go to warrin’.
I’d be called in 14 days.

Bull Run…and Balls Bluff,
Mill Springs….Fort Donelson.
I had no… want to recall,
the warrin’ going’ on and on…

Cold Harbor was a demon
and it roared for 13 days.
Eighteen thousand men laid silent
forever to be that way.

She never got the letter
but a wounded friend did say
he saw her man… lying at Cold Harbor
he saw him on the 14th day.