1. This and That

From the recording Light and Dark

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This and That
Noral Roy/Roy Hardinge, 10/28/18, copyright 2020

V1 You got time for TV
for the food you taste
You got time to dream
You got time to waste
But you don’t have time for me,
so I’ll be movin’ on

V2 You got room to live
You got a room to eat
You got a room for sleep
a place to rest your feet
But you don’t have room for me
so I’ll be movin’ on

Cho You got this and that, and that and this
this thing here and that one there
so much stuff, to clog your head
You don’t even know, and you don’t even care!

V3 You got money in your pocket
a penny on the floor
some cash in the bank
a dime by the door
But you don’t have a dime for me
so I’ll be movin’ on

V4 You got love for you work
You got love for your sweet
You got love for your church
and the people you meet
But you don’t have love for me
so I’ll be movin’ on

Repeat Cho

V5 If I was you…..and you was me
We’d have time to share… and room to spare
We’d have money to spend… and love to send
But you got nothin’ for me…so I’ll be movin’ on