1. Magic Land

From the recording Light and Dark

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Magic Land
Noral Roy/Roy Hardinge, April/2002. Copyright 2020

When I was a young boy, I would spend my time alone
Looking for a magic land that I could call my own
Imagining that special place, I’d while the hours away
The magic land would fade as the sunset closed the day

When I was a young man, t’was adventure that I sought
Days were spent in carefree bliss without a second thought
Dreams were made and plans were laid for paths not to be missed
Living life without a care time went unnoticed

Ahh ahh aaahh ahh ahh (four times)

Slide solo


As the years accumulated, wisdom took its hold
Dreams of youth were soon replaced by thoughts of growing old
Life’s realities decided how I’d spend my days
The magic land was far from thought as well as boyhood ways


V5 (Repeat V1)

Double Chorus

Outro (Begin a verse, sing 1st line of V1)