1. My Four Loves

From the recording Light and Dark

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My Four Loves
Music by Noral Roy/Roy Hardinge, 1983
Lyrics by Carole Hardinge
copyright 2020


V1 My first love was poetry
I courted her in verse
I read of joy and misery
And found the worse…and found the worse.

V2 My second love: Philosophy
Played with the question, “Why?”
She told me of the ways to be
And how to die…and how to die.

Ch Oh……..my four loves
They lead me through the maze.
Oh……..my four loves
Show me the way…show me the way.

V3 My third love was insanity.
She laughed while others cared.
I could not stand her vanity
So I was spared…so I was spared.


V4 Last I loved the mistress death
Her self I begged to see.
And when I drew my final breath
I found the first three…found the first three.

Double Chorus and solo out