1. 2manippl

From the recording Light and Dark

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by Noral Roy/Roy Hardinge, 04/06/20, copyright 2020


Choruses: 2manippl! 2manippl!

Verse 1
Weather patterns changing, it’s too cold or it’s too hot
Science says it’s caused by man, politicians say it’s not

Verse 2
The ozone layer’s extra thin, the rain forest’s on fire
the politicians turn and grin, the Dow has crept up higher

Verse 3
Grampa’s caught a virus, we hope he’ll be OK
Corona is pandemic, we think it’s here to stay

Verse 4
Stay at home or wear a mask, Keep the bug at bay,
protect yourself and others, it’s the only way!

Verse 5
An angel landed near our prez, it stopped him with a stare
It said he had to change his ways, he said he didn’t care…

Various verses follow…to outro…

Ding! “Time’s up!”